Simple Cupcake Surprise


When anybody bakes it is always good to have that simple recipe that makes perfect cupcakes. I think I have gone through so many recipes it’s crazy! But I have finally found that one recipe and suprisingly it didn’t originate from an actual cupcake recipe it was from a victoria sandwich recipe. I know crazy right, for a while now I have been changing cake recipes into cupcakes and cupcake recipes into cakes. All it takes is a little fiddling with the cooking time and that’s easy to do. (Just keep checking, cakes should come out clean when a toothpick is inserted.)

Now this recipe I used is a trustful one. It came from Mary Berry’s cookery course cook book that I have in my constantly growing collection of cook books. It is a great recipe, and when I first used it I made a cake and it was so soft I couldn’t believe it, so I instantly new that this was the perfect simple cake/cupcake recipe.

Below you will find the recipe put together with simple steps on how to make it.

simple cupcake surprise

Now this is a recipe I didn’t really think about making. I woke up early (like always) and I really wanted to bake something, I wanted something simple,quick and easy to do and of course something I actually had the ingredients for. (Light bulb moment) cupcakes!! Now I had what I wanted to make I just needed a recipe and that’s when Mary Berry’s victoria sandwich recipe came in.

FullSizeRender 2

If you look on the ingredient section of the recipe you’ll see that the main ingredients require the same mesurements, then it’s just the eggs and baking powder. You couldn’t ask for a more simple recipe (like seriously, its doesn’t require much!). I had mixed the batter and had the cupcake liners filled in a matter of 10 mintues and once they were cooked they looked beautiful. Simple!

FullSizeRender 4

FullSizeRender 5

Now for the fun part, the little added surprise! I could of just finished these cupcakes off with some icing but I thought “what the hell, lets have some fun”. So thats when I decided I wanted to add some jam inside each cupcake. This way when someone bites into the cupcake they are greeted with a tasty jam surprise.(what’s more fun than that).

I could of simple put a piece of the cut cake back in the holes and dusted them with some icing sugar, to give it that cupcake version of a victoria sandwich, but I wanted to add another element and flavour to the mix. (and it could be due to the fact, I have a small obsession with buttercream icing.

So I placed the icing in a zip lock back, yep you read that right, a zip lock bag. I have always been meaning to get disposable icing bags but I keep forgetting (My bad!) so I used what I had. Ive seen other bakers use this method and it worked for them, so I thought how can it not work for me. Luckly I was able to pipe the cakes with success and added colourful sprinkles to brighten them up.

FullSizeRender 3

Small note: Once the cupcakes are cooked and ready to be decorated it can be fiddly to cut out a hole in the centre of the cupcakes. I simple used a small knife, this works easiest for me. But if you have another method which you like to use I would love to no what it is. I’m up to trying new things.

Top Tip: Make sure your cupcakes are completly cooled. If they aren’t it means when you try and cut out the centre it is harder to do and becomes very messy.

That’s it!

Like I’ve told you, they are simple cupcakes with a surprise. They are quick to make which it always good in my book because it means I get to eat them quicker.

I hope that you try out this recipe. I fell in love with it and I couldn’t stop eating them. They are seriously addicting! you have to believe me. If you don’t, try the recipe for yourself, then you will believe me.

Like always I would love to see your creations if you give this recipe a try or even some of the other recipes on my blog. Simply post your pictures to my twitter or my Instgram

Happy Baking

Amy Bakes


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