Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie! Before making this recipe I have never tasted key lime pie. Never really saw the appeal. Which is strange because I absolutely love lemon meringue pie and the two are slightly similar in a way.  (Well, I think so anyway, just take away the pastry, lemon, and meringue!) Ok, so they may not be that similar but they look the same.

Anyway! Like I said, I’ve never tried this before but I decided to make it after my sister consistently kept asking for it, so I finally decided to make it and even though it’s easy to make it takes a long damn time before it’s final time to eat it.

So, to make this recipe I went the usual way and went searching for the simplest one and most recipe’s I found were the same so, I eventually chose one on the  good food site. (Link below)

However, my sister asked for the base to be made of ginger nuts instead of your regular digestive biscuits or hob nobs (She had this style base elsewhere). So below you will find all the ingredients and the method on how I made this Key Lime Pie.

key lime pie

For some reason a part of my loves making pie style desserts. I don’t know why exactly, maybe it’s because I love sharing my bakes and pies are the best way to share. I honestly don’t know, but I did enjoy making this dessert.

Ok, so small thing! When it comes to making the biscuit base people have their different way of making it. Some in a food processor and some crush them in a clear, plastic sandwich bag. Whatever you prefer it doesn’t matter. As long as you get the biscuits to a fine bread-crumb style that is all that matters.

Now, I don’t actually like using the plastic bag it annoys be to use a rolling pin to crush the biscuit and I always worry I’ll break the bag and have to clean up a huge mess (which is never, ever fun!) So, now you may be wondering what I did. I don’t actually have a food processor, well I do but it is tiny and I seriously mean tiny. I had to grind the biscuits up a small section at a time to get it done but that didn’t matter once it was done it was done and all I had to do was add in the butter, put it in the pie tin and bake for 10 mins.


I decided to be a little difficult. Instead of making my pie in a loose bottom tin, I decided to make it is a pretty pie dish instead!  Now, I don’t know if it’s because I made it in this dish instead but it took a long time to cool even though I stuck it in a fridge.

At first I was worried about this I hoped that once I mixed together the filling it would be cooled but it wasn’t. This made me worried because the recipe said to allow it to cool but I’m impatient! and I then I had a thought “why does it matter if it’s cooled completely when It’s going back into the oven. So I did want I wanted and added the filling in the not so cool pie crust. (and the pie still turned out really good)


Now the recipe says to cool for 3 hours or overnight and add the topping just before you serve and because this was for my sister I made it the day before seeing her. Allowing me to cool the pie overnight and decorate in the morning.

So naturally I was worried what this pie was going to taste like. I’ve never had a key lime pie before and didn’t know if it would even taste nice. However, I didn’t need to worry, everyone loved it.


When it came to serving it up the whole experience of serving and everyone eating lasted about 5 minutes. That showed me how much everyone loved it (ok and them telling me it was good and them wanting me to make it again).

So there you have it, my experience baking a key lime pie. You have to try this! If you are a lover of key lime pie or a newbie, you have to try it!

If you do give it a go, I would love to see your creations. Just tweet me at or show me on Instagram

Happy Baking

Amy Bakes

Ok….. so I’m not done with this post yet and know you’re probably thinking what the hell is going on, don’t worry this you will like.

Simply Silky Meringues.


Now you can’t tell me that image doesn’t make your mouth water!! Seriously this is the best meringue recipe I have found so far and I am in love and you will be too.

I ended up making these meringues because I didn’t want to waste loads of egg whites that weren’t needing in the pie. So I thought about meringues, and what I nice little treat to make to snack on.


The recipe I used was one that I knew couldn’t go wrong. It was a recipe from the meringue girls and just by their names you can tell why it’s a good meringue recipe, it’s what they specialise in. The recipe is in the link below and I really do suggest trying it. Though top tip, it can get messy, like seriously really messy. But, it doesn’t matter because the out come in the end is so tasty.


So there you have it a key lime pie and meringues, what more can you want!!

Happy Baking

Amy Bakes


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  1. itsangie says:

    Both the pie and meringues look great!!


    1. amybakes says:

      Thanks, they both tasted amazing too!

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