Nutella Swirl Banana Bread

I love banana’s and I love Nutella, so when I found a recipe that combines them both I was in heaven. Now when it came to deciding to make this recipe I didn’t actually just think “Oh! I’ll make Nutella swirl banana bread!” Nope, it came about when I had some leftover bananas and I didn’t want to waste them. So I went about looking for a recipe and I found this one and just reading the recipe I knew I had to make it.

This is the second loaf cake I have ever made, the first being a lemon loaf. That was an easy recipe and this one was slightly different but enjoyable to make. The best thing I found about this recipe was that it makes 2 loaves altogether, and that makes it perfect for sharing.

To give this recipe a go you can either click the link below, which will take you to the site of the recipe I used, or you can look at the recipe card I made below instead.

banana bread recipe

So like I said I actually made this recipe because I had some bananas to use up before they went bad. Now when I got these bananas at the beginning of the week they were slightly green, so I left them and hoped I could eat them another day. That didn’t happen, they went from green to starting to be speckled black, so I knew I had to use them soon.

However this wasn’t bad at all,I found out that when bananas are going black they are best to use in baking as they are sweeter and have a much better taste. (Good tip for the future)

Now as you all know I like to keep my recipes simple, I don’t enjoy over complicated recipes ( not that I won’t try them, I just don’t like all the hassle) I love a recipe that comes together simply and tastes amazing when cooked.

FullSizeRender 3

When you start making this recipe it starts out like a cake batter. It’s when you add in the bananas that the texture changes slightly but for the better. It’s an easy recipe that requires you to mix the wet ingredients and then add in the dry, keeping the banana and Nutella until last.

I was surprised how quick and easy this recipe went and for once didn’t have any problems or make any mistakes (I know shocking right!! Me…Amy…. not make any mistakes?! It’s crazy). So that goes to show that anyone can make this and it’s so tasty that you won’t want to miss out.

FullSizeRender 4

Now for the best part of the recipe, the Nutella. Now you have to be crazy if you don’t like this stuff, it’s amazing.

Ok! small confession, I may or may not have added a little extra Nutella in my loafs as well as on top of the cakes. But seriously can you blame me, it’s so good I couldn’t resist. Now I didn’t stick loads only a little extra, and that could be because as I was making these cakes I was eating the Nutella.

Anyway, like stated in the recipe you only swirl in the Nutella, you don’t want to mix it in completely because all the beautiful swirl will disappear and you don’t’ want that.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

And finally, once the cakes are in the pan you add more Nutella on top to finish it off nicely. You can just drip the Nutella on or you can put dollops on and using a skewer or fork mix it in slightly with the batter to create a swirl pattern.

FullSizeRender 5

The finished outcome is amazing, cooked to perfection, so soft and smells really good. Now you will be really tempted to eat this straight away,  but wait about 10 mins first and then dig in. It will be slightly warm and I think it is so much better, it’s like the taste has been enhanced and you’re in heaven (I’m being serious, honestly try it and find out, I’m not wrong!!)


You could leave it at that, just eat it by itself but if you have the Nutella why not stick some on top while it’s warm and enjoy. It’s like the loaf had just gone even better!!

Now I know some people don’t like bananas and that ok it’s normal but even if you don’t like them still give this a try, you’re missing out otherwise. My boyfriend doesn’t like fruit and he loved this recipe (that surprised me and meant that I had to share!!) but I’m glad he could enjoy it anyway.

So go and give it a try, it’s not a hard recipe and it’s worth the long cooking time to try it. You won’t want to miss this recipe.

If you give this recipe a try I would like to see you creations! or even if you have other Nutella or banana recipe’s that you love and would like to share, please do! You can email me at ot tweet me @AmyBakes94.

Happy Baking

Amy Bakes


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