Apple and Blackberry Crumble Bars

I thought that these were going to be a very easy and simple to bake. However, I was wrong! Everything that could go wrong did and I don’t even know how.

Before I actually go into the whole “why everything failed!” and let me tell you, I won’t be surprised if you find it  entertaining and think how I can be so stupid. But, even now I have no idea where I went wrong. Maybe you can help me out?

So basically, this is a dessert that can be eaten on the go. It consists of a pastry bottom, a fruit filling and a pastry crumble on top. Simple!

It’s one of those dessert’s that can be made quick and you can make quite a few at a time if you have a party or an event. You can use ready-made pastry or homemade and keep it in the fridge until needed and the pastry crumble needs to be frozen before you use it so, again you can make these desserts when ever you want.


Ok, so let’s begin my “it was suppose to be simple and easy, but everything went wrong” story!!

Now it was a normal day, quite relaxing and because this dessert is easy to make I decided to leave it until the end of the day as I had some other things to do. So when it came to making the dessert, the first thing to do is cook the fruit until they become soft and you are able to mash them together. Sounds easy right? Nope, for some reason it was taking ages and ages to cook, it was going nowhere! I had no idea what to do. The blackberries were cooked and starting to go nice and soft but the apples weren’t, they were taking a long time.  However, they eventually softened and I had a good consistency I was happy with. You can place this in the fridge while you are making your pastry.

FullSizeRender 5

It was a normal pastry, so i didn’t think much of it. You apparently make this pastry which will be used as the crumble mixture ontop, which needed to be frozen to grate.

So I followed the instructions step by step and the dough was very sticky. I was like “It shouldn’t be like this” So I added some flour and it did nothing. In the end I put it in the freezer to see if that would make a difference.

An hour later…..

It did nothing.

But, I didn’t give up. I decided what if I roll it out and use it as the bottom base and figure the top out later. As you probably guessed, this didn’t work out either. I was at a cross road, I didn’t know what to do. Do I bin it and start again? Do I stick it back in the freezer?

However,  amazingly a thought came into my head. I’ve actually made something like this before but it was called a Mincemeat Streusel. A recipe by Mary Berry that I make at Christmas. Like seriously, how could I have forgotten this. It is the same thing but the filling is different. (which just shows you can use any filling you want.)

So I completely scrapped the last recipe and began this new one.

For the recipe go to the website below:

Of course, for mine, I used apple and blackberries. I small container of each is fine. But, you don’t have to have the same fruit, you can have whatever you like or even use mincemeat like the recipe states.

FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

This recipe saved the day, I have done it many many times and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of It before but I’m glad I thought of it in the end.

Now for the topping, it makes it so much easier if you place it in the freezer. That way you are able to grate it better. But, for me I didn’t have loads of time, so mine was half frozen. However, that didn’t really matter I just used my fingers to crumble it, it takes longer so I would suggest freezing it completely but it’s not essential.

So I hope you where entertain about my fail of baking. But I hope it shows that you shouldn’t give up there is always a way to fix things. I carried on when everything was going wrong (which in a way, for me that’s an achievement)

I also hope that this story hasn’t put you off making them. They really are easy and quick to make and if you follow the mary berry recipe you can’t go wrong.

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Happy Baking

Amy Bakes


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