Lemon and Blueberry Sponges

So first things first, this is going to be one of my shorter blog posts. This is because this recipe is so simple and quick to make that there is no hassle whatsoever.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve actually made this recipe. I made this recipe a long long time ago and my sister loved them. She has been begging for me to make them for ages and I’ve just never got around to it. But once I started up this blog I thought it was time to make them for her and they were defiantly worth the wait.

Theses sponges are so fresh and sponge you wouldn’t believe it and another plus to this is that they are actually a healthy dessert (well compared to my other bakes !) They are about 183 calories per cake with only 6g fat. Not bad at all. So if you are on a diet or just fancy a dessert that is a little better for you then these are for you.

This recipe is in one of my cookbooks that is actually about healthy eating (I no right! Me, Amy!, has a healthy cookbook!!!) The book is from Nadia Sawalha “Greedy Girls Diet”, it is a great book full of lots of tasty recipes, it’s worth a read.

Below you will find a recipe sheet I have made of the recipe so you can give it a go yourself.

sponge recipe.jpg

Now the main ingredients of this recipe are the lemon and blueberries. They are defiantly needed! For the blueberries the recipe states a large handful, but I did a handful and more because I love blueberries and even if you did have a little more what’s the harm?!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

So when I was making this recipe I forgot about the 2 tablespoons of oil you have to add, and I didn’t have any. I first thought maybe I could leave it out but I didn’t know if it would affect the batter or not so I had to come up with another idea and I did.


This stuff is really good for you, and it is becoming more and more popular by the day. It not only can be used in baking but you can also use it on your face or hair, basically it has lots of ways to help.

I did have some doubts at first as it smelled liked coconut and I thought because of the strong smell you would be able to taste it, but nope! no taste of coconut anywhere. So, now I know for the future to use coconut again and know you do too.

FullSizeRender 3

The first time I made these I didn’t actually use a muffin tin I used a mini muffin tin. You use the same recipe but you are just putting the batter in mini mould’s instead. They become quick and easy to snack on. Of course, this recipe will make either 6 muffin sponges or 24 mini muffins. However, I actually doubled the recipe to make 12 big sponges instead, that way all of my family could try one.

Talking about the different trays you can use, you don’t have to use muffin tins, you can use mini loaf tins. They would look great for a simple and small dessert after a big dinner with some warm custard on top. MMMM…. Tasty!!

FullSizeRender 2

So there you have it! Yep seriously that’s all there is to make these perfect, tasty sponges.

You really do need to make them, and once you do you will be making them all the time. I would love to see your creation if you give this recipe a go, you can email me at amybakes.94@outlook.com or tweet me @amybakes94.

Happy Baking

Amy Bakes



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  1. vylyst says:

    I love your recipe cards.

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    1. amybakes says:

      Aww thanks, I’m in the process of improving them a little bit 🙂

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