The Great British Bake Off: Ep 7, Jumble Biscuits

It was Tudor week this week in the bake off tent and honestly I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. I was worry they were going to bake things I really didn’t want to bake,but I decided to peruse and go with it.

So, at first I looked at the technically challenge and thought that it would be ok to do. It was biscuits called Jumbles, which are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. (nothing wrong with that so far).

However, I didn’t like the flavour’s they were using. Carraway seeds, aniseed etc, it just didn’t seem appealing and I know these are the flavour’s they would have used in the Tudor era but it was not working for me.

So, I decided to mix recipes. I used Paul Hollywood’s recipe for the main dough and used spices from enough. I decided to make Lemon and mixed spice jumble biscuits. Below you will find the recipe I used.


This recipe is a basic one and isn’t really hard to make. The shaping the dough is were it becomes difficult but lets talk about that in a bit.

I find that when you make a dough it is always best to have all of your ingredients weighed and ready to go. This is important to do because once you start mixing your dough your hands will become mess and if you have to add ingredients as you go it’s going to be annoying trying to get all the dough off your fingers.


Once all your ingredients are added your dough will start to come together. At first it will look like it’s to dry but keep working it and it will eventually become the right texture. (I was worried about this, but I just kept mixing!)


Now the next bit requires a scale. At first I thought why do I need to weigh out the dough, but then I remembered the Bake Off and making sure each ball of dough weights the same makes sure that they are all the same size. (this makes them look nicer and cook at the same time)

When you are doing this the dough will start to become sticky so it’s best to have flour on your hands (I was stupid and didn’t do this until like the last too….opps!). Another good thing is having a small piece of baking paper ontop of the scales so the dough doesn’t stick straight too it and plus it saves you cleaning up.


You don’t actually start to shape the dough at this stage it is way to sticky for that. So cover the tray up with cling film and put them in the fridge for 30 mins. Now you just chill, maybe read a book or catch up on your programs (like I seriously need to do). Then when the times up its time for the fun and slightly confusing part.

First up is the double knot. For this you use the smaller pieces of dough and roll them out to form a medium size rope about 30cm. It’s easier to roll out everything first because once they are rolled all you have to do is shape them.



The double not was surprisingly easier than I thought it was going to be. All you do is tie a loose knot in the set of you rope dough and then tuck one end under and one end over and stick them together. I hope that makes sense if your going to try this, it is rather simple.

Now, I’m going to be honest again and I will admit that I actually made 6 double knots and 2 Celtic knots. That does mean I used some of the bigger dough pieces to made the double knots but that didn’t matter, it only meant they would be slightly bigger. But, the way the Celtic knots were going it was the best idea to do, my Celtic knots looked a mess. I gave it a go (twice actually) but they looked bad so making more double knots was better for me.


Once, all the ‘fun’ is over all you have to do is brush them with some egg wash and a sprinkling of caster sugar, this helps them brown more. and Makes them tasty, because you no how can a little extra sugar be bad!


I didn’t have a clue how these would taste, all I knew was that they should be soft of the inside and crispy on the outside and they were. So, I knew I did something right the only thing left was did they actually taste nice?

They did!!

The lemon and spices come through nicely with out being over powering and the mix of soft and crispy made a nice texture. This the the type of biscuit I could see being eaten with a cup of tea or coffee and may be a little jam on the side. Perfect!

If you decided to give this recipe ago, I would love to see how you went. You can tweet me @amybakes94, Facebook me @amybakes or email me at May be you could give me some tips on how to create the Celtic knot because you can see in the images that it is bad.

Happy Baking,

Amy Bakes



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