The Great British Bake Off: Final, Chocolate & Caramel Fudge Cake

The bake off is officially over and that means this bake off blog series is at it’s end. So to finish this amazing time I have had, I have made a Chocolate & Caramel Fudge Cake!!

I’m sad that the bake off has finished but now that means I can move on and start baking for Halloween, Christmas and just tasty treats because I want to.

I have had fun doing this blog series and I have made things I wouldn’t have even thought of making. Now I can take all the things I have learnt on to new and better things.

So with this last episode I didn’t know what to make, I didn’t want to make a pavolova as it’s more of a dessert thing that needs to be eaten straight away and I didn’t want to make a Victoria sandwich because I have made loads of them. So I decided to make my own showstopper chocolate cake. (ok, so it’s not a showstopper, but it is a really tasty chocolate cake. )

The recipe I used is from one of my cookbooks, and I adapted it to make it into a chocolate caramel fudge cake, which sounds so much better than chocolate cake. You can see the recipe below.


Now, this recipe is really easy to make and doesn’t take that much time at all.

The first thing you need to do is have all your ingredients out ready. This makes things easier and it helps you keep an eye on what ingredients you have used.

Next you start making your cake.



So first you want to put all your dry ingredients in a large bowl. I sifted all of my ingredients first to make sure there wasn’t any lumps. Next I heat my golden syrup and mixed together the oil, eggs and milk and then all you need to do is mix it all together with an electric mixer.

It is that simple.

I was hoping to do something a little for advance for my final bake of my bake off series but I was having trouble finding a good recipe. Now, you should no I am not the biggest fan of chocolate cake. I would pick a sponge cake all the time over chocolate cake. This is because I usually find chocolate cake to be dry or to sickly and doesn’t actually taste that nice. So I think that’s why I struggled with picking a recipe, I wanted to have a good one.


Top tip: Always keep an eye on your cakes when cooking. Even though you can set a timer, your oven might be different to those in the recipe. This recipe said 30 mins and I cooked it for 5 mins less. I felt like if I kept it in longer the cake would become dry and that is something I defiantly don’t want.


To fill the cake I made a chocolate icing and drizzled the cake with salted caramel. To make the icing you simple heat up the butter into a pan and melt, you then add in the cocoa powder, mix and cook for 2 mins. It will look odd and slightly like a wet paste but don’t worry that’s ok. You then cool this completely and then add to the icing sugar. You beat with an electric whisk until silky and then place in the fridge until thickened.

Now you have to let the icing thicken because if you use it straight away it will be to soft and drip off your cake and that will make a right mess.

Next you assemble the cake. Now, I didn’t actually have a plan for this I just went for it and you can too. It’s your cake, decorate it however you like.

I used half the icing for the middle of the cake and drizzled the caramel sauce over the top. I didn’t want to spread the caramel on because it would be too much and the cake is already rich and sweet. For the top of the cake I did the same thing but added chopped and whole rolo’s to the centre, just to make it look pretty.

Ta Da!! that’s it, simple.


So that’s it everyone. This is the official last post I will do for the bake off. I hope you have enjoyed this blog series as much as I have.

But, don’t worry I have lots planned for the blog to keep you entertain and mouths watering!

If you have given any of the bake off challenges a try throughout the series I would love to see them. You can tweet me @amybakes94.

Happy baking,

Amy Bakes


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  1. threebrits says:

    We are going to have to make this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amybakes says:

      You should it tastes amazing!!


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