Eton Mess Cakes

So now the bake off is over, it’s time to get baking my everyday bakes. I am so excited to just bake whatever whenever. Now before the bake off begun I had been baking loads, so I have lots of good recipes for you guys to try out.

So today I have for you an amazing cupcake recipe I found in a cook book by Cupcake Jemma. She has loads of recipes I can’t wait to make but today I have for you her Eton mess cupcakes.

Now your probably wondering why there is a cake in the image as well as cupcakes, that’s because I made a cake as well as the cupcakes using the same recipes. However, the cake I made was slightly different as it was dairy free. The recipe doesn’t state for this but I was making it for my sisters boyfriend and all it required me to do was to use dairy free butter, milk and cream.

You can find the recipe in Cupcake Jemma’s cook book or you can use the recipe sheet I have made below. Take note that this recipe is what I used for the cupcakes, but it can also be used to make a cake as well.


This was one of those recipes that I didn’t really plan out. I had already had plans to make the Eton mess cake and my boyfriend really wanted cake so I decided to make him Eton mess cupcakes. Good thing I had all the ingredients.

I did add one addition to this recipe, I added real fruit. I have always know Eton mess to have fresh fruit and I thought this would be nice to have and add another layer of texture. You can have whatever fruit you like, it’s up to you, I decided to have strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. My fave fruit.


So this recipe it a simple recipe. It is basically your average plain sponge but you are adding some fruit compote to add a sweeter flavour and colour. It is really simple to make this recipe into a cake, you place the mixture into 2 8inch cake pans instead of cupcake liners. Plus because this is an easy recipe, you can double the recipe and make cupcakes and a cake. Amazing right!! Lots of cake and I love cake!!



I really enjoyed making these cakes, it showed me that making multiple things at the same time is not so bad. I started with making the cake first as it was going to be dairy free and slightly different to the cupcakes. This cake had cream instead on butter icing like the cupcakes. I felt that cream would be a nice fresh addition to the cake mixed with meringue, fresh fruit and fruit compote. Plus to add a little more fruit flavour I spread some jam on the cakes before I added the cream.



I found this recipe could be adapted to whatever flavours you like. I did make a lemon mess cupcake recently which is another recipe from Cupcake Jemma, and it is a lemon base cake with a lemon curd centre and a meringue butter icing drizzled with more lemon curd, Delicious!! and something you really need to try.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog and are excited for more fun and tasty recipes to come. I am looking forward to baking for Christmas, as I have lots and lots of ideas for you guys to try.

I am also looking at making family favourite desserts. So if you guys have any bakes that have been in your family and you love, pass them along I would love to try and make them. You can email me at or tweet me at @amybakes94

Happy Baking

Amy Bakes.




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