Nutella Cupcakes

Calling all Nutella lovers….you need to read this blog and try this recipe asap!

This recipe is all sorts of right. It is a light chocolate sponge, with a nutella centre and a nutella buttercream, what more could you want.

I love nutella and my sister loves it even more, so I felt like it was time I made something that she would die for and this cupcake recipe won!

I found this recipe on Cupcake Jemmas Youtube channel and I love the stuff she makes, so it only made sense trying her recipe. I did make a small change I didn’t add the chopped hazelnuts but if you do all you need to do is add 50g of really finely chopped hazelnuts and add to your dry ingredients.

Below is a recipe card I made for these cupcakes, if you would like to use that to follow along.

nutella cupcake recipe recipe.jpg

So one of the best things about cupcake Jemmas recipes is that they are really simple to make and don’t require that much to do.

You start off with sieving all your dry ingredients into a large bowl and then adding in your butter and eggs. All you need to do then is mix the ingredients together and once they are combined you add in your milk. You will then end up with a nice silky batter that’s ready to be bakes.

A quick note, these cupcakes are addicting so if you are planning on making them for those who love nutella, double the recipe, seriously double it and make a bigger batch.


These cupcakes take about 20 mins to cook, it could vary compared to different ovens, so it’s always best to keep an eye on them.

Once the cupcakes are out and are cooling you can prepare the nutella going inside the cupcakes and the icing on top.

So, cupcake Jemma doesn’t do this in her recipe but I love nutella, so when I can add more nutella I will. I cored out each centre of the cupcakes and then heated up some nutella and added a teaspoon into each hole. Very simple to do and it adds more flavour to the cake.


To make the icing it is super simple. The icing I make takes about 15 mins to make, It may be slightly less but anyway. Now, you may be thinking that 15 mins is a long time to make icing and yes it is. But, you need to do this because it gives you the best buttercream. First you mix the nutella and butter for about 5 mins, or until it becomes nicely combined and silky. Then you add in half of your sieved icing sugar, mix that for 5 mins and repeat with the rest of the icing sugar. You will end up with an amazing and so so delicious frosting.

Years ago when I made buttercream, it was simple mixing the icing sugar and butter together until combined. But, this new technique is so much better and I defiantly recommend you try it.


The final part of these cupcakes is placing the buttercream into a piping bag and adding a big swirl on top of the cupcakes. I did try the technique that cupcake jemma had shown. Which was adding stripes of nutella inside the piping bag and then adding in the buttercream. It kind of work but not very well, it gave me a slight swirl of the icing and nutella but not as much as I wanted.

However, this wasn’t a fail as the cupcakes still turned out amazing and tasted so good, you defiantly could easily become addicted to them.


I really really really recommend this recipe. You would be crazy not to give it a try, because once you do you will be wanting more and more everyday.

I love making different flavoured cupcakes and cakes and ok basically anything that involves baking, so if you have a recipe that you would love to share with me you can message or tweet me @amybakes94 or you can email me at

Happy Baking

Amy Bakes


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