Hey Guys!

I’m Amy and  I like to eat cake……..and cookies…….and donuts and basically anything sweet. I have always had a fascination about food (mainly sweet treats) watching videos, recreating different recipes, the lot. Of course, there is more to me than my love of desserts (well I hope so anyway). I’m super close with my family, they are my personal taste tasters. Especially my boyfriend, I think the real reason he loves me is because I bake so much.But that’s not a problem, it makes him happy which makes me happy. I’m quiet and definitely not one to stay up to date with social media (but stay with me, I’m learning) and I’ve never done a blog before so it’s a new learning experience, which I hope you all enjoy.

Baking makes me happy and nothing makes me happier than someone saying ‘WOW’ after trying something I made.

So keeping it simple, my name is Amy and I like to bake!